christian kesten

stille post [telephone]

two people meet – one teaches a song (resp. any musical work) to the other.
the other makes an own version out of it, and teaches the new version to the next. again this one makes an own version out of it and teaches it to a next person, and so on.

at least ten people should participate, so that at least 10 versions finally derive.
instead of single persons, bands or ensembles are also possible.

the participants agree on a certain time limit: f.ex. 20 minutes for teaching, 40 minutes for developing the new version. or one hour for teaching, one day for developing.

either in a concert, all (at least 10) versions are presented, or the whole or parts of the process are open to the public, or both.

First version at
_krieg_der_sprachen_ (Roland Barthes)
with Ensemble Zwischentöne
and musicians from the Soldiner Kiez neighborhood

Meteor Motel, Andrew Smith, spiel mal feat. keller.kind, Volker Schindel, 19/19 (Olivier di Placido & Sean Barrett), Bill Dietz, Kati Linek, Hans-Ulrich Altenkirch and Sasha Pushkin

Thursday, June 21st, 2007, 8 pm
Bar Art, Prinzenallee 38, at Soldiner Str.

The Initial Song: Christian Kesten performs "Still Under the Weather" after Shania Twain (1st of 10)

The Middle: Volker Schindel (5th of 10)

Second half of the second half: Kati Linek (8th of 10)

The End: Sasha Pushkin (10th of 10)

stille post. VERSION 2013

with 5 participants
on 16 December 2013, 9pm,
with Sven-Åke Johansson, Ariel Garcia, Els Vandeweyer, Margareth Kammerer, and Sebastiano Ciurcina.